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Would you drink from a smaller glass if this would mean 40% cheaper drink?

Did you know that an ice storage can
reduce the subscribed power for 40%?

Would you shop by night if the prices would be 35% lower?

Did you know that electricity
is 35% cheaper by night?

Would you travel by night if your car was consuming up to 50% less?

Did you know that the chiller’s efficiency
is up to 50% better by night?

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At we comprehensively deal with problems of design, installation, management and maintenance of the ice storages. Specifically, we focus on consulting you in the earliest stage, when you are considering the installation of an ice storage. We outline situations, where we think the installation of an ice storage is a good decision and those, where such a solution is not the most optimal one.

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The main reason of installing an ice storage is to produce the cold energy when the circumstances are the most favorable and to consume it when needed. These favorable conditions usually occur during the night, when the outside air temperatures are lower and the chillers efficiency is significantly higher than during the day. Because of the night tariff, the electricity expense is much lower too. We have to know that the cooling system has a big impact to the electricity peak loads of our building, while the electricity subscribed power cost is more and more worth a serious consideration. On the other side, our building’s cooling need is usually the highest when due to high outside air temperature the chillers perform the worst. By producing the cold energy by night we can lower the electricity consumption peaks for
30 - 80 %. Least but not last, an ice storage has also a big safety function. Cooling energy can even be supplied in case of electricity shortage.

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Simply put, an ice storage is a big and well insulated container, where we freeze a bigger quantity of water with the help of a dedicated water chiller. To produce a uniform block of ice, that would allow us also a fast discharge of the accumulated energy, the use of a dense heat exchanger, with very small distance between its capillary pipes, is crucial. Is it also very important that the hydraulic of the ice storage is uniform, as only such construction will allow a constant energy discharge from our ice storage. With industrial applications, where cooling “water” with below 0 °C is needed, we offer the variation based on special balls, filled with sub-zero freezing fluid. In this case, we spray a cooling mixture across them to achieve their freezing. We apply the same principle to discharge the cooling energy when needed.

Our ice storage advantages

  • A contemporary ice storage can be installed practically in any room
  • An ice storage is easy for operation and maintenance
  • The return on investment is very short and the savings are notable
  • The ice storage guarantees the cooling even with electricity supply shortage
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Did you know …

  • that the latent heat of melting the water is equal to 334 kJ/kg?
  • that the phase change happens at constant temperature?
  • that the specific heat of water is equal to 4,186 J/kgK?
  • that the night electricity tariff is almost 50% cheaper than day tariff?
  • that the subscribed power expense results into 10 - 50 % of all electricity expenses?
  • … that chillers operate at full power only 3 % of time?


Allow us to counsel you before you take the decision of installing an ice storage. An ice storage is not a suitable solution for any air-conditioning problem, but many times could be the best solution. Before an investment, we recommend you to perform at least few days of accurate measurements and to verify in details the actual cooling system expenses.


Design and consulting

Execution of wells and licensing

Cost analysis and investment projections


Emicon Adria d.o.o. is the general distributor for Emicon AC products across the region of former Yugoslavia. Emicon AC products are mainly known in Europe for two reasons:

  • The units are of industrial quality, what means, we install only the best components available on the market
  • We are one of the few producers in Europe who is able to produce custom made units for any serious application without a surcharge


This approach has led us to the cooperation with Fafco SA and Cryogel, the leading ice storage producers in Europe. Emicon AC was following their special needs and together we have developed a special range of chillers with extremely high efficiencies in conditions, requested by these ice storages.

We are also the preferred partner for Fafco SA, Cryogel and Teva company for the region.


Comprehensive Approach

In the field of ice storage integration, Emicon Adria offers the following services:

  • Design and consulting
  • Supply of all crucial equipment within the “glycol loop”
  • Supply and integration of the control-supervision system “ILC”
  • Skilled installation and the maintenance of the whole system


We also share the opinion that each of the elements within a cooling system should fulfill our expectations. Because of that, we seriously promote the use of ground water. Using ground water can double the efficiency of the chillers in comparison to air-cooled units. Because of that, we also offer:

  • The execution of sub-geothermal wells and connecting pipelines
  • Documentation preparation and permits acquisition

On this field we cooperate with our partner Alfageo


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Take advantage of everything the ice can offer!


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